A guide on how to pick Dell servers Cambodia (part 3)

March 21, 2017

Is the cost of Dell servers Cambodia competitive? Of course price is a consideration especially in tough economic times.



Research the cost for your hosting providers comparing each company you consider and remember that there may be variances in cost based on the available features. So make sure you narrow your choices to the ones that have the functions you want first then compare like functions. Choose the best combination of cost and functions. Also, consider the payment plans and determine if these are convenient for you. Many hosting plans will extend a discount if you pay an entire year up front. If you cannot afford to do this how often is the bill due?

Considering a free web hosting? For businesses this is not recommended. Most free Cambodia server hosting plans make their money on advertising revenue. The ads disrupt your website with pop ups or banners that cannot be removed. It detracts from the professionalism of the website. For personal sites, the ads may be acceptable but with so many budget hosts with good reputations available why risk it?



How often will your web be unavailable? Uptime or reliability is of vital importance and something that should be carefully considered before choosing a hosting plan. For business webs this’s even more important than personal.

When a web is down it may be irritating for a personal web but it can translate to hundreds, even thousands of dollars in revenue lost for businesses. However, remember that claims of 100% uptime are likely not accurate so be wary of these claims. The fact is there are times where there may be an unforeseen problem or scheduled maintenance causing your web to be unavailable for a short term.


What is important to determine is the actual uptime percentage for the provider as a whole and the specific server where your web will reside. All hosting servers Cambodia should have this historical data available. You should also determine how scheduled outages are handled. When possible the better web hosting plans schedule down time well in advance and during non-peak times. With today’s technology there is no excuse for any web hosting to have a low uptime percentage.