A guide on how to pick hosting servers Cambodia (part 1)

March 18, 2017

Whether looking to enable a web presence for the first time, you will need to find a hosting servers Cambodia provider.


A site can be utilized for either professional or personal reasons. For personal reasons many user choose to chronicle their lives, blog about something they’re interested in or share photos with friends and family. For businesses, a web is a necessity. Actually, many people the days use the presence of a web as a way for determining the legitimacy of a company and usually they prefer to use the Internet to conduct their business.

So as to make sure that you have the best possible service there are some items you should consider.

Space and bandwidth

Do you have what you need? Space and bandwidth are primary considerations for your Cambodia server hosting package. The amount of space you need depends on the number and size of the files you will have on your site. However, be aware that even large sites typically do not need a lot of disc space so web hosts will offer unlimited disc space or large amounts of disc space as a selling point. The fact is, you will likely not need it so do not put too much emphasis on this.


The bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that occurs when people access your web. The busier and more popular the site, the more bandwidth is used. Ensure that you have enough capacity to accommodate your demands. However, be wary if unlimited bandwidth claims. This’s a cost the host pays for so if you have an excessive amount you may have a problem. If you’re on an unlimited plan, then make sure you read the fine print. Most hosting plans have clauses that will allow them to suspend your web if you use too much.

Most hosting plans have graduating packages available where you can upgrade to additional space and bandwidth if needed. This is an option when you outgrow your plan to upgrade. However, ensure to research the cost of exceeding your plan specifications and the policies for how this’s handled.


If you consider the most important questions carefully to ask about a potential new server in Cambodia it will save you lots of time, energy and grief in the long run. Carefully researching the possible hosting plans before you make a decision will make sure that you have a quality service at a competitive rate that can suit your business or personal demands.

(be continued…)