Are dedicated servers Cambodia the solution for you? (part 1)

March 22, 2017

If you are considering options of dedicated servers Cambodia, you will likely have run across dedicated hosting solutions.

Many web hosting providers offer both shared and dedicated plan and it may be confusing as to which one is suited to your specific demands. Should you go with the more common shared solution or do you have a “you get what you pay” mentality and think since it costs more dedicated must be better?


The fact is that both shared and dedicated hosting have their place and both are great options but your demands and your budget are what will ultimately determine the path that is best for your website.

What is dedicated hosting?

With shared hosting you share server resources with other users. Dedicated services allow you to host your website and only your websites/apps on one server. Typically the Cambodia server hosting maintains the server hardware and leases the space to the client. Certain software can be included in this package. The user can install apps as needed and can have as much traffic to the website as the server itself can handle without worrying that it will bog down other sites on the same server.

As security is not a raised concern in a dedicated environment than a shared hosting, the client also has more access, control and freedom.


Dedicated hosting benefits

Dedicated hosting may be overkill if you have a personal website or a website that generates low traffic. However, some people prefer to have the autonomy afforded to dedicated server and are willing to pay the price for it. Others are simply not suited to a dedicated hosting due to the size of their website, its popularity or due to the applications they want to run.


Some advantages of choosing dedicated hosting include:

  • Stability – Since you aren’t sharing resources you do not have to worry about others’ practices affecting your site. In this case, though, you don’t have to worry about outgrowing a shared solution. You’ll be able to stay with your particular dedicated plan for a long time without moving. You can add to your website with the comfort of knowing your server can handle the growth.
  • Features – Each hosting server in Cambodia has different features that come included with the hosting package. Some may have a minimum amount of add on services and rely on you to supply your own and others provide you some extra features like spam monitoring, scripts, control panel and e-commerce solutions.
  • Control – Since you aren’t sharing the server with other websites you have a greatly increased amount of control over the server than you do with shared hosting.
  • Flexibility – You can choose to use your server for as many of your demands as you wish providing that it remains within your allotted memory, hard drive space and bandwidth.