Finding good Cambodia server hosting provider – 3 important factors

March 29, 2017

When deciding on Cambodia server hosting, the company you choose to do the web hosting really matters.

There are plenty to choose from and some research into each provider will help you find one that not only is affordable but also provides excellent customer service, plenty of functions and access to free server-based apps.


When comparing providers based upon price, make sure to get pricing for different packages so you can compare hosting packages which are identical or as close to identical as possible. The other solutions you make below will affect pricing that is why it is necessary to get pricing for different plans.

  1. Server stability

Researching each company should involve some 3rd party websites to see how the web hosting companies rate. These ratings need to be looked at carefully in 3 areas. Percentage of downtime is one of the most critical. Even if your hosting servers Cambodia needs are for non-business purposes, excessive downtime will make it difficult for you as well as those trying to view the site.

Acceptable downtime should only be about 40 minutes per month that equates to about one percent downtime. Anything over 1 – 2% indicates that there’s something going on with the provider; whether it is internal business issues like frequent hacking attempts, it should encourage you to move on. That said, if they have had one bad month, chalk it up to bad luck; however if they’re consistently having issues, there are always other providers.


  1. Customer service

The 2nd rating to look into is more subjective. Researching hosting providers will indicate which handle problems and user service issues the best. For example, scheduled maintenance should always be announced to users but many providers choose not to alert users which can affect their web-based businesses easily. Understanding the hours and availability of technical support is important and this’s a place where it’s so easy to cut costs.

If you need technical support at 2 am, you need to find a company which has customer service hours that match your demands. Some budget companies don’t even offer phone support and email support is the only choice with slower turn around. If 48 hours to resolve a hosting issue is acceptable, then email only technical support will be ok; however, for most people this’s not acceptable.


  1. Application

Finally, research the availability and quality of server apps each hosting provider offers. Even if you don’t intend on using the apps today, having them available in the future could end up being important. For example, an entrepreneur can initially install an account for hosting simply to have sales pages for affiliate marketing campaigns running. They realize later that they have to find alternate methods to drive traffic to their sales pages aside from AdWords advertising and decide to add a blog.

If their server in Cambodia supports and has WordPress or another blog authoring suite available to be set up and configured for free, then they can add this to their website easily. If they hadn’t looked into finding a provider company with additional functions, they would either have to pay extra to have it set up or would have to change hosting providers.