How much do servers colocation Cambodia cost?

April 21, 2017

Have you wondered if servers colocation Cambodia or dedicated server bring more benefits and how much does it cost?

Having servers on-site at your office can be a pain – your devices needs to be in a strictly temperature-controlled area that is completely secure from all angles but is relatively accessible so that it doesn’t take you ten minutes just to access your device and do not even get us started on cabling.


Some organizations do not want the hassle, others simply do not have the means to provide a suitable home for their infrastructure. In some unfortunate cases, like one we saw with a long-time user of ours, organizations are forced out of the space they had been using as a shared server room, and are left with no choice but to put their equipment elsewhere.

When you take all of these scenarios into consideration, it will probably come as little surprise that we at Optimal have gotten a lot of questions about the cost of server colocation Cambodia servers over the past two decades. It is a complicated answer, but below we will break down all of the elements in play with this solution, along with associated price ranges.


The main elements at play in a colocation scenario are as follows:

  • Setup. Your equipment has to be moved to and set up in the datacenter one way (or another). This’ll either need time on the part of an internal team, or project labor on the part of your outsourced IT provider.
  • Rack Space. This’s the literal amount of room that your servers will take up in the data center’s racks. This space is measured in the unit “U” that is equivalent to 1.75 inches in height. Most rack-mount servers will take up 1-2Us of space.
  • Will an outsourced provider be responsible for monitoring and patching your devices? Will you be taking care of that yourself? Will you be sending someone out to the data center on a regular basis to put their eyes on your devices? Colocation server in Cambodia is not a managed service, so you have to identify another means of caring for your devices.


  • When you colocate equipment, you need have some means of bridging the distance between your office and the data center you are renting space from. This will take the form of an Internet-based Virtual Private Network connection. In some scenarios, you’ll need above-average bandwidth in order for your applications to function at proper speed over this connection. You also need to buy dedicated IP addresses from your provider if your existing ISP doesn’t service that particular datacenter.